SmartyAds is a full-stack programmatic advertising company that offers effective integrated solutions in the promotion of goods/services/ideas/myths, which are created exclusively for the customer. We sell not only one type of advertising or one algorithm of work for different companies, but we develop a thorough, thorough, scrupulous approach, a concept created specifically for the product, the tools of which will be chosen most appropriately from a dozen others that the agency has. Today, Internet advertising has firmly taken its place in the market and is one of the most effective types of advertising.
We will offer a solution to your problem using the most effective combination of several types of online advertising in one campaign.

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People love working with us. You will too.

There’s never a dull moment in agency life. It’s because of the variety that comes with working for so many different clients, on so many different topics, with so many different communication solutions. Let us help you tell your story. We love what we do, and it shows in our work.

– branding and corporate identity; including audits, key messaging, and brand realignment
– advertising and campaigns
– web design and development [Wordpress]
– print design for digital, offset and large format printing
– live action video and animation
– exhibits and conference support materials

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Khatia Communication

Khatia Communication is a boutique public relations agency that offers: public relations strategy, branding, media monitoring, media relations, social media management, market research, reputation management and more, based on a company’s needs.
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