Ottawa Video Transfer
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Providing Professional Audio and Video Transfer Services

Here are some reasons to choose Ottawa Video Transfer for all your video / audio transfer needs:

Free pickup and delivery in the Ottawa area*.

Why pay extra for shipping and delivery? Do you really want to put your priceless, precious videos in the mail? Do you think your videos will be safe, especially in the unpredictable Ottawa weather? We’ll find a time that’s convenient to pick up your videos and even deliver your completed order to a place that’s convenient for you. It can’t get any easier.

For over a decade, Ottawa Video Transfer has provided quality service to hundreds of satisfied clients, from the home consumer to businesses and government departments.

-Professional, quality service.
-Lower prices than other video transfer services.
-Many video / audio services available. Please check out our services page.
-Using various testing methods, your DVD is guaranteed to play in your DVD player.
-All our services are GUARANTEED.
-Support your local Ottawa businesses. Ottawa Video Transfer is the only one who caters exclusively to the Ottawa area.
-BEWARE of services only offered through Kijiji, Ebay, etc. You get what you pay for.

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Business Phone Number: 613-299-7396
Aerial Drone Solutions for Complex Challenges
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Recon Aerial Media is a business to business provider of commercial drone services. We capture stunning aerial content for film, TV, video production agencies, commercial real estate, property development, advertising, communications, tourism and more.

Recon Aerial Media offers diverse commercial drone services and data capture for various market segments.

We conduct wind turbine blade inspections & solar infrastructure inspections using the latest drone technology. We also offer defect reporting and data analytics services related to renewable assets through AI-based software solutions. Our wind and solar inspection solutions are turn-key and require very little client input, we take care of everything.

We have worked for years capturing stunning aerial content for film, TV, video production agencies, commercial real estate, property development, advertising, communications, tourism and more.

We also use drones to inspect bridges, building facades, stacks, and similar elevated civil infrastructure assets.

Recon Aerial Media also provides 3D modelling, construction site surveys, construction monitoring, BIM, visual construction design, digital elevation models, orthomosaics, surveying, and mapping.

We provide remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) consulting, drone program development, hazard review, corrective action plans, root cause analysis, equipment selection/recommendations, workflow design, flight operations design, risk assessment and control measures, drone design/build and drone research.

We have undertaken 100’s of commercial drone missions and conducted 1000’s of drone flights across multiple business sectors in complex flight environments. Our highly skilled & dedicated team of skilled drone professionals serve with confidence.

Recon Aerial utilized Transport Canada certified Advanced operational pilots and we hold the highest RPAS rating, Flight Reviewer able to qualify new Advanced operations pilots in Canada.

Please get in touch! TEl: 1-613-762-7711 TOLL-FREE: 1-833-828-9463 @reconaerial

Business Website Address: Recon Aerial
Business Phone Number: 1-613-762-7711